Gumz Farms Stallion Collection Services

We offer freezing semen services to on and off site stallions for both domestic and international use.  Our facility is USDA certified for the export of frozen semen and embryos to the European Communities, Australia and New Zealand.  We can also freeze and export to other countries not listed on a case by case basis. Image

The first step is to determine if your stallion is a candidate for frozen semen.  After a stallion is cleaned out and all the old sperm removed from the reproductive tract, we complete a test freeze to find the best protocol and semen extender for the individual stallion.  Once a protocol has been identified, then inventory (domestic or international) can be built.

We typically collect semen every other day and the average stock horse will yield 8 to 10 insemination doses per collection.  One insemination dose is 8 0.5ml straws and the dose will contain a minimum of 300 million progressively motile cells.  The industry average is 2.2 inseminations per pregnancy, so it is recommended to plan for 3 doses per mare you plan to breed.

Semen is frozen in a state of the art laboratory using a controlled rate cell freezer to maximize post thaw results.  The quality of semen frozen with a controlled rate cell freezer is superior to other methods and often generates conception rates parallel to live cover and transported cooled semen.   Complete post thaw analysis is done on each ejaculate using a computer assisted sperm analyzer and cultures processed on a regular basis.

We offer quarantine conditions for export quality frozen semen from September through December.  The cost of export quality frozen semen is dependent on the requirements of the importing country and the length of quarantine (if any) that is required.  Each country has a set of blood test and cultures that must be completed to their specifications.  Domestic semen has fewer restrictions and can often be collected while the stallion is in export quarantine.

Frozen semen is stored from on and off site stallions in both domestic and international quality tanks.  The semen is stored in liquid nitrogen containers which maintain the semen at -196 C.  Each tank is inspected weekly and logs books maintained. Each stallion’s semen is stored separately. Containers and shipping management is provided in our distribution system.

Freezing Rates
Clean out collections        $150 each
Test Freeze                        $650 per ejaculate
Routine Freeze                  $550 per ejaculate
Export testing                    Per Quote
Stallion Board                    $25/day

Storage Rates
1-49 doses          $25/mo
50-99 doses        $40/mo
100+ doses         Per Quote

Domestic shipment (incl. straw loading, tank rental, & Fed Ex 2 day freight)  $350
USDA Export Permit               $250 plus freight
International Shipment          Per Quote